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We’re delighted to have our paws on 7 wonderfully wacky new KitKat flavours. So dare to be a little different, and check out our stupendous selection at Japan Centre.

1. Matcha Green Tea

matcha green teaSince time immemorial, green tea has been the quintessential taste of East Asia. Now this unique and enchanting flavour is captured in KitKat form! Its beautiful green colouring is matcha’d (see what we did there) by the vibrant taste of green tea.

2. Wasabi

wasabiCasually start munching on one of these wasabi KitKats and you’re sure to leave your friends dumbfounded. Everyone’s favourite sushi condiment has the potential to knock your socks clean off, but in KitKat form it’s subtle and delicious.

3. Purple Sweet Potato 

purple sweet potatoHugely popular in Japan, the sweet potato is loved for its versatility and charming flavour. This zaney purple version is sweet and chic, a colourful KitKat that’s a glorious accompaniment to a nice cuppa tea.


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Ghibli food brought to life for one week of amazing lunches at elementary school in Japan


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 1.40.38 PM

Recreating food from our favorite movies and anime is nothing new. We’ve already seen ramen straight out of Naruto and herring and pumpkin pot pie a la Kiki’s Delivery Service. But what is unusual is that this time it’s not die-hard anime fans breathing life into 2-D delicacies, but a cafeteria at one school in Japan. You won’t believe this special school menu featuring a week of delicious looking dishes from some of Hayao Miyazaki’s most famous works.

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A tiny, epic ode to Nintendo: Zelda and Super Mario 64’s worlds recreated as miniature dioramas


Diorama top

We all know that Japan does “small” well. Whether it’s microtechnology, tiny houses or bonsai, the Japanese are known for their dexterity and being attentive to the tiniest detail.

But a hobbyist and Niconico Douga user known simply as “A” takes attention to detail to a whole new level. In a homage to the three-dimensional worlds created by video game giants Nintendo, A has constructed an ultra-detailed diorama based on the first level of Nintendo 64 classic Super Mario 64 and even recreated the entire world map from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on a scale so small we could barely believe our eyes when we first saw it.

How small are we talking? Find out after the jump!

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Snack attack! This frozen treat is a little sweet, a little savory, and totally college


daigaku imo 2

Everyone enjoys a good snack when they’re feeling empty, but there is definitely a difference between snacks in Japan and other Western countries. Sure, they share some common factors, like chips and candy, but in general, a snack at a convenience store in Japan would consist of either rice balls or Japanese bread. There is so much variety that you don’t even know where to start looking. But have you ever ventured over to the frozen food section looking for a snack? We don’t mean the freezer where all the ice cream is, but actually the frozen meals section. Hiding in there is a pretty fantastic snack that is hopefully in your local 7-eleven right now!

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Cupcakes almost too beautiful to eat! Adding a Japanese touch to cake decorating



Art lovers and foodies rejoice! Japan now has cupcakes so beautiful that they should probably be considered works of art, but are in fact delicious hand-made goodies meant for eating.

But could they be SO beautiful, so detailed, so mesmerizingly dainty in Japanese styles and patterns, that it would be a waste or even blasphemous to ruin them through our crude form of consumption, lost forever via our vast digestive tract? I probably wouldn’t go that far, but they are fantastically elegant and a slight hesitation to appreciate the detail before digging in would probably be in order, if not inevitable.

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Pink strawberry milk Pepsi set to return to stores in Japan this winter


PP 1

We’ve talked before about all the cool KitKats Japan gets, but the chocolate-covered wafers aren’t the only sweet indulgence with exclusive-to-Japan versions. Once a year or so, Pepsi releases a special flavor for the Japanese market, too.

This winter the soft drink maker is bringing back a popular hit from a few years ago, with the return of strawberry milk Pepsi.

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