Beloved Things

Kawaii Japanese Language Learning

beloved-thingsThere are some people who just hate it when we drop Japanese words into English. It seems to be a very strange attitude. After all, Japanese is littered with English words, and English is littered with French words.

Often we even forget they are French. Someone recently asked “Why do nearly all languages use the English word for ‘restaurant’?” Well, probably because it is actually the French word!

English borrows from various languages, so why not Japanese? There seems to be a strange snobbery at work here. The current situation is that Japanese words are mostly only used for Japanese things (karate, samurai, ninja), things of Japanese origin (karaoke – which incidentally is itself half-English wasei – kara = empty, oke = English “orchestra”) and a very few others (tsunami, typhoon).

But actually there are many concepts in Japanese that are not covered by the English language, which makes them…

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