Tokyo and Kanagawa in Black & White

Temple University Japan

Having only been to Tokyo and Kanagawa, I’ve seen just a small piece of Japan from the cities I’ve explored (and by explored I mean barely skimmed the surface of the culture and amazing locations in these cities). As my internship mentor reminded me, all prefectures are distinct, even considering the size of Japan as a nation. Based on my experiences so far, I thought I would show you parts of my daily little adventures here in Japan, starting with the things I see everyday — the things I love and respect, and the things I’m still getting used to — captured in black and white.

Rain, Not Snow

Rainy StreetThe first entity I’m getting acquainted with is… rain — a true separate being in Japan. If it’s a beautiful day on Monday, there will be some rain around the corner for you on Tuesday, just to make sure you’re getting your baths…

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