Pancake Day Around The World

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Any day that celebrates food is fine by us. Truffle Wednesday? Sure. Quiche Friday? Why not! Haggis Sunday? OK, let’s not get carried away. But we the ever-curious, ever-peckish team at Japan Centre felt like investigating further into this phenomenon. So pop on your frilly apron, whisk up some batter and get ready to flip, as we go on a journey of pancake day discovery around the world.


So what got us all flipping in the first place? Like many great things – Christmas trees, druids, megaliths, Asterix & Obelix – the origins of pancake day can be traced to pagan times. The European folk of yore believed that the transition between Spring and Winter represented an annual battle between the sexy Gods of fertility and vegetation and the dreary, evil spirits of darkness. To celebrate the inevitable success of the Gods of Spring, people used to rustle up…

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