How Bruce Lee Changed The Film Industry

U.S. & International Pop Culture

Martial artist/philosopher/film star Bruce Lee left a large mark on the film industry.  He paved the way for future generations of actors and hip-hop artists such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Lucy Liu, RZA from Wu-tang Clan, LL Cool J and many others.

Bruce Lee is the first Asian actor to overcome the obstacles that Hollywood through at him during a time when Asians were typecast in playing stereotypical roles such as a kung-fu master or whiz kid.  Despite dying at only 32 years old, he created a legacy of work that will live on forever.  Some of my most favorite films include Enter the Dragon, The Big Boss, and Fist of Fury.

As a result, it lead to other future successful films such as The Last Dragon, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and the Rush Hour series.  If he lived, he would have gone on to become one of the biggest film…

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